Dental Insurance: Is It Worth Purchasing?

Most medical health insurance plans don’t include dental coverage, so if you want dental insurance you have to purchase it separately. However, the question on most people’s minds is: is dental insurance worth the cost?

Dental Insurance, Is It Worth Purchasing

The cost of dental services can be costly. This makes dental insurance helpful for you. In choosing the suitable plan, think about the following:

  • Outlay and Maximum Annual Premium – This is the total amount that policy holders expect to pay every year. It is renewed automatically with unused benefits rolled over.
  • Network of Dental Service Providers – Majority of dental insurance plans are accountable only for services if you are seeking treatment from a dentist within the accredited network. Those who wish to see non-network dentists may be charged reduced premiums.
  • URC Fee – Many dental insurers follow a so-called Usual, Customary and Reasonable pricing guide. In short, the provider sets a fee for corresponding dental procedures that is included in the coverage. This does not depend on the actual charges imposed by dental professionals. In case the dental insurance plan compels the plan holder to see a network dentist, you should not pay for differences between prices. The dentist normally enters into a contract with the insurer to disregard differences in rates.

Dental Procedures

As a rule, dental insurance agencies classify procedures into three groups:

  • Preventive – This consists of customary cleaning and tests. Classification of other services/products like fluoride chemical, sealant substances and X-ray exams depend on the carrier.
  • Restoration (Basic) – It includes easy or uncomplicated tooth extraction and dental filling. Root canals may be basic or complex.
  • Major – These are bridges, crowns, dental implants, partial dentures, and surgical extraction.

Some dental insurance providers do not cover major treatments while others prescribe waiting periods for specific processes. Make sure to get one that covers all your requirements.

Important Policy Considerations

  • Do not postpone your decision or wait until you need a particular procedure whether to get dental insurance or not.
  • The lowest premium may not always be the best policy. It may not contain provisions that will be crucial to your particular needs. Review features such as yearly ceiling payment, waiting time, excluded methods, networks of providers, and payment for non-member dentists.
  • Majority of dental insurance policies do not cover filings, dental crowns and extractions.
  • Find out which is covered and which is not. Or else, you may have to shell out higher out of pocket expenses.
  • The policy you select must be acceptable to your favored dental service provider. To find out, conduct your own verification if that particular dentist is in the network. See the list provided by the insurer in the company website or check with the receptionist in the dentist’s clinic.

The waiting period is the time for waiting after an individual becomes covered and the company agrees to pay for the procedure. It could be 12 months or longer. It is possible to avail of interest-free payment so it will not be a burden on your budgeting. Consult your family dentist prior to getting dental insurance about the coverage. In that case, you will know if it will be more practical if you forego any cover.

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